Sutton Parish Council 2009

Chairman:Neil Whitaker28 Park DriveTel 636204
Vice Chairman:Steve Morrell29 The HawthornsTel 634507
 Betty Hawkins5 Victoria StreetTel 635134
 Barbara Smith24 Park DriveTel 632083
 Roy Wilkinson8 Park RowTel 634343
 Les Joy2 Crofters MillTel 633506
 Mick Herpe11 Manor WayTel 634009
 Ken Hart13 Meadow LeaTel 632870
 Anna BretanGreen Gables, The Acres WestTel 631510
 Margaret Marchant3 Ravenstones GardensTel 635524
Clerk:Denise Emmott9 North Avenue
BD20 7NN
Tel 01535 633972

Council Meetings are on the first Monday of every month (except when there is a Bank Holiday and then it is the second Monday) at the Senior Citizens Centre, North Street. Public Participation is at 7.00pm.

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Sutton-in-Craven Village Plan 2006
Village Plans provide an opportunity for residents to indentify their vision for the future of the village.

Council News September 2006

  • Wild Life Garden. This area of land located between the allotments and the beck was cleared of rubbish late last year and the initial work in turning it into a natural wild life area has been carried out by students from South Craven School. The Council intends that this project will continue so that it can benefit our primary school pupils and indeed any resident who appreciates sitting in a quiet natural setting. The aim is to create not a structured garden, but an area which encourages wild plants and animals. Anyone wishing to become involved in this venture in any way is invited to contact the clerk on 633972.

  • Youth Facility. Location, funding, health and safety, insurance, legal responsibility and supervision are just some of the challenging issues involved in this project and certainly, along with the young people, the councillors and clerk have experienced a great deal of frustration and disappointment over the last twelve months or so. However working with the "Safer Craven Community Partnership" we are now very close to seeing a pod erected in the field behind the bus shelter on Holme Lane. There will be qualified youth workers in attendance and anyone volunteering to work alongside them is asked to ring 633 972.

  • Village Plan. The response to the questionnaire was disappointing but the results have been collated and the Village Plan is to be published on the village web site ( The many improvements and changes which residents wish to see, along with the measures necessary to implement them, the costs, time-scales and other implications are being assembled on an Action Plan, which in the coming weeks will be delivered to every household in the village. Thank you to everyone who returned their questionnaire and congratulations to the winners of the prize draw Ė Mr B Sanderson, 2 The Coppice and Ms N Ramsden, 22 Hall Avenue.

  • The Village Plan questionnaire resulted in two volunteers coming forward; one prepared to help improve the condition of the footpaths around the village and one wishing to assist in clearing up litter. If you would like to support the Council in implementing the wishes of the residents, as reflected in the Village Plan, then please contact the clerk.

Council News June 2006

  • New signs for the Clough. There is some dispute over the route of the bridle path which runs through part of the Clough. Until this is resolved the signs cannot be erected as their locations are dictated by this bridle path. The Council is particularly keen to discourage use of bikes in the Clough and to retain its relaxing atmosphere.

  • The All Weather Pitch. This has been unlocked in the evenings and at weekends and it's pleasing to see many of our young people energetically enjoying themselves. The two schools have use of the facility in the day time and anyone wishing to make a private booking should call in at the Pavilion or ring 07818 892 635.

  • Youth facility. The establishing of a youth facility in the village has so far been unsuccessful even though a number of avenues have been investigated. It has become clear that success will be dependent on the Council taking on the task of acquiring money from funding bodies (The Big Lottery, Yorventure etc) and with that aim in mind training and information in this area has already been obtained by Council members and the Clerk.

  • The Village Plan. By now every resident should have received a questionnaire, the answers to which will help draw up a plan for the future of the village. The aim is to collate the findings and deliver a summary to every household, with the detailed results being held by the Clerk and arrangements being made for their examination. It is not too late to hand in your completed questionnaires. More returns will ensure a more comprehensive Village Plan.

Council News March 2006

  • On Monday 3rd April 2006 at 7.00pm, the Annual Parish Meeting will be held in the North Street Centre. This is the occasion when the chairman gives a summary of the Council's activities during the year and financial statements are available for inspection. There is the opportunity for questions and general feed-back. Councillors are very aware of the need to increase communication and involvement within the village and are inviting residents to come along and participate in the democratic running of our village.

  • Parish Council meetings are held in the North Street Centre on the first Monday of every month (unless it falls on a holiday when it is the second). Each meeting commences at 6.45pm when planning applications are examined. The Parish Council has no powers under planning laws but it does pass on to the District Council any concerns, objections and requests for further inspection. The meeting then continues with "Public Participation" when villagers can air their views and question councillors. Hopefully at this time misunderstandings can be cleared up, councillors made aware of concerns in the village and avenues of communication established. For the rest of the meeting members of the public are welcome as observers. The meeting taking place on Monday 8th May is of particular interest as it is the Annual General Meeting.

  • If you have any questions, concerns, ideas or even grumbles please contact the Council on 633972.

Council News December 2005

The previous three months have been as busy and demanding as usual but there are three items that may be of particular interest;

  1. The village owns a substantial plot of land situated between the allotments on Bridge Street and the beck. Over the years, it has become overgrown and often used as a dumping ground. Recently the land has been cleared and the trees pruned which has allowed a group of post-16 students from South Craven School to inspect the plot and plan the establishing of a Wild Life Garden which in future years will be used by their school and the pupils of the two village primary schools. The Council is keen to encourage the use of this land by the young people and we look forward to reporting on the progress of the project.

  2. The recently established scheme for sponsoring flower gardens in the park is up and running and you may have noticed the plaques that have been put in place. Any private individual or business interested in sponsoring a plot can contact the clerk for details.

  3. Denise Emmott, the new Clerk, started work in July and is now well settled in and proving to be a great asset to the Council. This past month she has been instrumental in Council members reviewing and up-dating procedural and financial regulations as well as ensuring that all health and safety matters affecting Council employees are in order. The Clerk can be contacted on 01535 633972.

Council News September 2005

  1. The bus shelter at the Village Hall has finally been erected and it will be appreciated when the bad weather is upon us. County Councillor Phil Barrett is to be thanked for the support he has given in ensuring that this project reached completion.

  2. The conversion of the toilet block next to the Black Bull into a youth meeting room is going ahead but planning and legal matters must be sorted out before building work can take place. No doubt this is frustrating for the young people but nevertheless they are looking to the future by attending project meetings and raising money.

  3. The new Community Police are making themselves known in the village and residents are pleased to see them about. Sadly we are still seeing some mindless behaviour in the Park but generally there is a positive atmosphere in the village.

  4. A new "state of the art" mower and attachments have been bought for maintaining the Park bowling green and already reports are that not only has the green improved in standard but also the bowling!

  5. Many people enjoy a quiet stroll through the Clough, which is a marvellous amenity owned by the village. New signs are being erected at the entrances with a list of "don'ts" which is intended to remind users to respect and help maintain this quiet atmosphere.

  6. As will have been seen recently in the Craven Herald, new plans for the development of Greenroyd Mill have been put forward. The Parish Council requested a meeting with the architect who went through the plans in some detail and it was gratifying to see that most of the criticisms and submissions made at the public meeting in November had been taken into account. The Parish Council has made a written submission to the Planning Committee of Craven District Council, which will be considering the new plans at a meeting in the near future.

  7. There is currently a vacancy on the Council. Anyone interested in serving the village in this capacity can apply to be co-opted. Maybe some of the younger adults out there would like to be involved? Contact 633972.

Council News July 2005

  • Craven Crime Reduction Partnership has produced a newsletter about activities in Craven. Click here to download a copy in PDF format.

  • Due to the recent resignation of Kath Emmott, Denise Emmott has been appointed Clerk to the Parish Council. Denise would like to wish Kath well in her retirement.

Council News June 2005

  1. The Church of England Primary School has been invited by the Council to brighten up the bus shelter situated near the Park gates. We can look forward to some exciting artwork appearing to match the bright summer weather that is on its way!

  2. As reported earlier, the plans and legal documents are in place for erecting a bus shelter outside the Village Hall and it is merely a matter of waiting for the work to commence.

  3. The Council has been informed that the original development plans for Greenroyd Mill have been withdrawn following the input from the village meeting held in the C of E school, the Council and submissions made by individuals. It is understood that revised plans are being prepared and will be submitted to the Craven District Council Planning Committee in the near future. The Parish Council will be monitoring the situation.

  4. The Park Pavilion is going from strength to strength and as the weather improves we expect to see even more people taking advantage of the facility. If you have not yet visited the Pavilion please pop in....a warm welcome awaits you! The Pavilion now has a web site, online at

  5. Following some disturbing incidents in the village the Council is working with a number of agencies and young people to develop a youth project in the village. If you have any suggestions or would like to be involved in any way please contact any member of the Council.

  6. Finally a plea for motorists to obey the 20 mph speed limit in the zones near the schools. Energetic youngsters are prone to lapses of concentration and this can be particularly dangerous on the two occasions of the day when there are so many parked cars making visibility difficult.

Council News March 2005

  1. As usual itís been a busy time for the Council, particularly with the proposed development of Greenroyd Mill and surrounding land and for the erection of close-care flats on the former Sutton Mill site. The Parish Council has no actual power as far as planning is concerned but it is hoped that its local knowledge and considered opinions have influence when the Planning Committee of Craven District Council sits down to consider these sensitive matters. On 29 November a public meeting was held in the Church of England Primary School where residents voiced their concerns and learnt something of the proposals from the developers of the Greenroyd Mill site and the District Council Planning Officer. The Planning Committee has yet to decide on this. January's Parish Council meeting saw a good number of residents sharing their concerns over the Sutton Mill development and representations were made on their behalf to the Planning Committee who have in fact now passed the plans.

  2. Bus Shelters. The Village Hall bus shelter saga rolls on. Hopefully it will be ready for the bad weather... next winter's! The plans to up-grade the shelter opposite the Black Bull are on hold until the outcome of the Greenroyd Mill planning application is known, as the proposed plans incorporate a new bus shelter in the work to be carried out on the boundary wall.

  3. The Council is looking into finding a suitable site in the Holme Lane area to store sandbags for use in flood prevention. Craven District Council will be providing the sandbags, which are also available to individual householders. The District Council is actively working on flood prevention and an early warning scheme involving local volunteer wardens is being developed.

  4. The River Authority has recently carried out flood prevention work on Holme Beck. A substantial increase in the flow rate has been achieved which will reduce the risk of flooding.

  5. A number of parents have voiced their concern over the amount of dog dirt deposited along Wet Ings Lane and Gatering Lane. Central government is encouraging youngsters to walk to school and have instructed local governments to develop "Safe routes to School". This path is one of these designated routes and although students are in less danger from traffic when walking down it, they are putting themselves in more danger as far as their health is concerned. The District Councilís dog wardens have promised to increase patrolling but ultimately we are dependent on dog owners acting more responsibly.

  6. A reminder that the multi-sports facility in the park is available for bookings which can be made at the Pavilion or by phoning 07963 970546.

  7. A new project has been proposed by the Council, which will invite village residents and businesses to sponsor a plot or area in the park and have their contribution recognised on a plaque at the site. The details have yet to be decided so if you would like to contribute ideas on this project or would be interested in sponsoring a flowerbed etc please ring the chairman on 630302.

Council News December 2004

  1. The Park Pavilion Tea Room is growing in popularity. Over the summer it has been a great success and during this colder season it will be open during the afternoons and of course on Sunday mornings to cater for hungry young footballers. This adventurous project looks for support from all members of the Village and everyone is encouraged to pop in. You are guaranteed a warm welcome and a sensibly priced hot drink.

  2. A reminder that the new multi-sports facility can be booked by phoning the pavilion (07963 970546). If you want to look over the pitch and facilities please call in at the pavilion. It has been built for everyone in the Village to enjoy whatever their sporting abilities may be. If you or your association are looking for a pleasant meeting room the small room in the Pavilion is just the place and available for hire at a very sensible price. Call in and inspect the facilities.

  3. New dog bins are available. Suggestions are welcome on where these bins can be situated bearing in mind that they cannot be attached to utility posts (health hazard to utility workers) or on poles which are driven into the ground (danger of underground pipes and cables). We await your ideas! Telephone 01535 633503.

  4. Vandalism. These last three months have seen damage to the newly renovated Park shelters. Toughened glass window panes have been broken and knives taken to the beautifully repainted woodwork. "Gaz" now has his name for all the world to see! The newly erected Parish Notice Board at the entrance to Manse Way was pushed over but it is hoped that a stronger means of support has now been found. The timetable frame at the stone bus shelter against the Park on Main Street was smashed open and on one evening the very substantial wooden bench was levered off the wall, smashed and thrown over the Park railings. This bench is greatly appreciated by travellers, particularly elderly ones, during this wintry season and it has been reinstalled. Five new signs were erected at the entrances to the Park but were abused during the first two days. Hopefully by raising them and adding extra protection this essential investment will not prove to have been wasted. With the help of some voluntary work it is hoped that £250 will be sufficient to correct these matters.

  5. The Parish Council has been assured by North Yorkshire County Council that the legal work associated with the construction of a bus shelter outside the Village Hall has now been completed and that we can confidently look out for the arrival of workmen. Hopefully the next edition of the Village Newsletter will be able to report success. Maybe even a celebratory photograph.

  6. Protection from the elements at the bus stop opposite the Black Bull is clearly inadequate and it is hoped to erect a shelter in the next financial year.

  7. The younger members of the village will be pleased to learn that new cradle swings have now been installed in the Park.

  8. The Parish Council was represented in recent discussions initiated by our County Councillor concerning the need for a bridge over the railway in order to relieve the congestion at Kildwick level crossing. As we all know this is an on-going problem with any solution inevitably requiring a great deal of money.

  9. Drainage work will soon be commencing in the Clough. As strollers will have noted, rainwater from the surrounding fields has been running across the path due to blockage in the natural drainage system. This makes the path muddy and could be particularly dangerous in winter. Sutton village is very fortunate in owning properties such as the Clough, Crag Nook Delph and the Pinnacle but of course they do represent a substantial financial responsibility which has to be met out of the Council Tax.

  10. If you have any comments or questions regarding the work your Parish Council carries out on your behalf please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Council.

Council News September 2004

  1. Pavilion Tea Room The Tea Room opened on 1st June and it is proving to be a success, with villagers of all ages and interests enjoying a pleasant drink and a cake in the recently modernized Park Pavilion. Everyone is encouraged to come along and support the venture. It is open from 11am and on some days it remains open into the evening.

  2. The small room in the Pavilion is now available for meetings at a charge of £5 per morning or afternoon session. Tel: 07963 970546.

  3. The recently completed multi-sports complex is now fully operational and bookings can be made at the Pavilion or by phoning 07963 970546.

  4. A reminder that Craven District Council will be happy to pick up, free of charge, waste household items such as fridges, washing machines, cookers, mattresses. Tel: 01756 706333.

  5. The good news at the Clough is that a new and very attractive wooden bridge has been constructed at the Hall Drive entrance. The bad news is that cycles and motor bikes have been careering around upsetting people out enjoying a quiet stroll. Even cars have been seen attempting to enter the Clough. Please notify the Police if you witness any of this anti-social behaviour. Tel: Crosshills and Skipton 01756 793377; North Allerton Headquarters 01609 783131.

  6. The Council has decided to regularly report in the Newsletter the incidents of vandalism and the cost to the Council Tax payers of Sutton. It is pleasing to report that damage to the Pavilion toilets has now been greatly reduced due to the opening of the Tea Room and the vigilance of the staff. It is planned to replace the young children's swings which had been thoughtlessly damaged and then had to be removed for safety reasons. The cost will be approximately £350.

  7. It is hoped that in the very near future a shelter will be erected at the bus stop outside the Village Hall. Many months ago a group of people attended the Public Participation section of the monthly Council meeting and made clear their desire for a shelter at this location. The delay has been caused by the number of committees the plans had to pass through but hopefully it will be in place before the bad weather is upon us.