Sutton-in-Craven Rambling Club

Rambling Club
Sutton-in-Craven Rambling Club organises a programme of led walks on alternate Saturdays throughout the year. The walks are usually eight to ten miles long and take in some spectacular scenery around Yorkshire and Lancashire. During the summer months, occasional mid-week evening walks are arranged - these are between three and five miles long and are usually followed by supper.
New members are very welcome!

Chairman:John ShawTel 01535 637055

Secretary:Anne RileyTel 01535 633645

Treasurer:Jean HirstTel 01535 632425

Any questions - please call
Walking is an excellent form of exercise for all ages, if you would like to try one or two of our Saturday walks just check the programme below and call for details or turn up for 9 o'clock prompt on Church Road outside the County Primary School. All you need are a pair of hiking boots (not trainers), a packed lunch, a mid-morning snack and clothing suitable for the weather conditions.

P r o g r a m m e   o f   W a l k s
November 2017 - May 2018
Date Day Time Walk
Walk location Leader(s) Telephone
11th Nov Sat 9.00am 8 30 Little Almscliffe Crag Bert & Jean Photos
25th Nov Sat 9.00am 0 Carleton Biggin Shirley  
9th Dec Sat 9.00am 7 0 Farnhill/ Cononley/ Glusburn with mince pies after Anne Photos
23rd Dec Sat 9.00am 5 10 Hirst Wood, mince pies after John & Doris Photos
6th Jan Sat 9.00am 9 20 Bolton Abbey Pat & Auriol  
13th-15th Jan Walking Holiday in Weymouth John & Doris Photos
20th Jan Sat 9.00am 6 55 Pen-y-ghent Bev K Photos
3rd Feb Sat 9.00am 7 60 Ingleborough via Crina Bottom Paul Photos
17th Feb Sat 9.00am 8 40 Three Cloughs Margaret Photos
3rd Mar Sat 9.00am 7 50 Clapham and Austwick Bev K 01535 630247
17th Mar Sat 9.00am 15 Ogden/Denholme Jeff & Christine 01535 635718
23rd Mar Fri 7.30pm     Annual Dinner, Dog and Gun Doris 01535 637055
31st Mar Sat 9.00am 8 40 Stocks Reservoir Marilyn 01535 635026
9th Apr Mon 7.30pm     AGM South Craven Baptist Church Anne 01535 633645
14th Apr Sat 9.00am 7 30 Long Causeway Bev B 01535 669119
28th Apr Sat 9.00am 8 20 Ilkley Anne & Yvonne 01535 633645
12th May Sat 9.00am 90 Fremington Edge Paul 01535 632960
26th May Sat 9.00am 9 30 Long Preston Bert & Jean 01535 632425

Tuesday Treats

P r o g r a m m e   o f   W a l k s
May - October 2017
Date Day Time Walk
Walk location Leader(s) Telephone
28th April - 1st May     Spring Walking Weekend, Keswick John & Doris Photos
13th May Sat 9.00am 8 50 Oxenber Woods Bluebell Walk Anne Photos
27th May Sat 9.00am 10 Lothersdale Anne  
10th Jun Sat 9.00am 8 20 West Marton Marilyn  
24th Jun Sat 9.00am 40 Sawley Pat & Auriol Photos
8th Jul Sat 9.00am 8 40 White Holme Moss PROGRAMME CHANGE Bev B Photos
22nd Jul Sat 9.00am 40 Waddington and Bashall Eaves John & Doris Photos
5th Aug Sat 9.00am 100 Wild Boar Fell Paul Photos
19th Aug Sat 9.00am 9 50 Thieves Moss PROGRAMME CHANGE Bert & Jean Photos
2nd Sep Sat 9.00am 60 Trough of Bowland Jean & Bert Photos
9th - 18th Sep Walking Holiday in Menorca John & Doris Photos
16th Sep Sat 9.00am 8 15 Sharp Haw PROGRAMME CHANGE Anne  
30th Sep Sat 9.00am 10 Silsden Auriol & Anne Photos
14th Oct Sat 9.00am 40 Whalley and Old Langho John & Doris  
28th Oct Sat 9.00am 8 60 Bolton by Bowland Jeff & Christine Photos

P r o g r a m m e   o f   W a l k s
November 2016 - April 2017
Date Day Time Walk
Walk location Leader(s) Telephone
12th Nov Sat 9.00am 8 30 Little Almscliffe Crag Bert & Jean  
26th Nov Sat 9.00am 30 Malham Anne & Yvonne Photos
10th Dec Sat 9.30am 7 0 Local walk with mince pies after Anne Photos
12th-16th Dec Walking Holiday in Bournemouth John & Doris Photos
24th Dec Sat 9.00am 6 5 Cowling Marilyn Photos
7th Jan Sat 9.00am 8 20 Oakworth Eric  
21st Jan Sat 9.00am 7 40 Singing Ringing Tree Margaret Photos
4th Feb Sat 9.00am 8 10 Askwith Bert & Jean Photos
18th Feb Sat 9.00am 50 Ripley John & Doris Photos
24th Feb Fri 7.30pm     Annual Dinner, Dog and Gun Doris  
4th Mar Sat 9.00am 9 20 Bolton Abbey Auriol & Pat Photos
18th Mar Sat 9.00am 8 20 Thornton Viaduct Bev B Photos
1st Apr Sat 9.00am 6 100 Gunnerside Gill Paul Photos
10th Apr Mon 7.30pm     AGM South Craven Baptist Church Anne  
15th Apr Sat 9.00am 40 Giggleswick Scar Bev K Photos

P r o g r a m m e   o f   W a l k s
May - October 2016
Date Day Time Walk
Walk location Leader(s) Telephone
29th April - 2nd May     Spring Walking Weekend, Wetherby John & Doris Photos
10th May Tue 6.00pm 3 10 Meet at the Swan, Carleton Anne  
14th May Sat 9.00am 9 30 Limestone Causeway and Malham Pat & Auriol Photos
28th May Sat 9.00am 30 Airton Ronnie & Kane Photos
11th Jun Sat 9.00am 40 Halton Gill, Littondale John & Doris Photos
25th Jun Sat 9.00am 6 70 West Burton, Thoralby John & Doris Photos
9th Jul Sat 9.00am 9 or 6 100 Kisdon from Muker
Paul & Bev B Photos
23rd Jul Sat 9.00am 7 20 Ilkley Moor Bev K Photos
6th Aug Sat 9.00am 10 Carleton Biggin Shirley Photos
20th Aug Sat 9.00am 30 Threshfield Anne & Yvonne Photos
3rd Sep Sat 9.00am 5 60 Slaidburn (shortened due to weather) Pauline Photos
14th - 28th September     Walking Holiday on Rhodes John & Doris Photos
17th Sep Sat 9.00am 8 20 West Marton Marilyn Photos
1st Oct Sat 9.00am 8 40 Heptonstall Margaret  
15th Oct Sat 9.00am 9 20 Ponden Kirk Marilyn Photos
29th Oct Sat 9.00am 8 25 Hirst Wood Bill Photos

P r o g r a m m e   o f   W a l k s
November 2015 - April 2016
Date Day Time Walk
Walk location Leader(s) Telephone
14th Nov Sat 9.00am 7 50 Pateley Bridge Jeff & Christine  
28th Nov Sat 9.00am 0 Pinnacles and Wainman's Bottom Hildegard Photos
6th-9th Dec Walking holiday on the Isle of Wight John & Doris Photos
12th Dec Sat 9.00am 9 25 Hirst Wood (cancelled) Bill  
26th Dec Sat 9.00am 5 10 Carleton - planned route changed following police advice Anne Photos
9th Jan Sat 9.00am 7 30 Burley in Wharfedale Eric Photos
23rd Jan Sat 9.00am 20 Rylstone, Boss Moor, Hetton
John & Doris Photos
6th Feb Sat 9.00am 50 Crummack from Clapham Paul Photos
20th Feb Sat 9.00am 40 Waterfall Rock Bev B Photos
5th Mar Sat 9.00am 9 20 Bolton Abbey PROGRAMME CHANGE Pat & Auriol Photos
19th Mar Sat 9.00am 7 50 Tatterhorn and Ingleton John & Doris Photos
2nd Apr Sat 9.00am 8 30 Old Laund Booth Margaret Photos
8th Apr Fri 7.30pm     Annual Dinner, Dog and Gun Doris  
11th Apr Mon 7.30pm     AGM South Craven Baptist Church Anne  
16th Apr Sat 9.00am 30 Simon's Seat from Barden Bridge Bev K Photos
23rd Apr Sat 9.00am 8 40 Oxenber Wood Bluebells Walk in memory of Pat
Anne & Yvonne Photos

P r o g r a m m e   o f   W a l k s
May - October 2015
Walk locationLeader(s)Telephone
1st-5th May Walking Holiday at Blackwell Grange, Darlington Doris & John Photos
12th May Tue 6.00pm 20 Meet at Busfield Arms, East Morton John & Doris  
16th May Sat 9.00am 8 10 Wycoller Shirley Photos
30th May Sat 9.00am 8 40 Bramhope Anne & Yvonne Photos
9th Jun Tue 5.15pm 20 Cullingworth village hall car park,
eat at The George
John & Doris  
13th Jun Sat 9.00am 7 15 Worth Way, Railway Children & Champagne Allan Photos
27th Jun Sat 9.00am 60 Turbary Road and Yordas Cave
Paul Photos
7th Jul Tue 5.30pm 20 The Fountain Inn, Linton Pat & Derek  
11th Jul Sat 9.00am 30 Warley hamlets and hillsides Margaret Photos
25th Jul Sat 9.00am 7 30 Conistone Pie (shortened to 7 miles)
Bev B Photos
4th Aug Tues 5.30pm 10 Bay Horse, Snaygill PROGRAMME CHANGE Anne & Yvonne  
8th Aug Sat 9.00am 7 20 Haworth and Top Withins PROGRAMME CHANGE Bev K Photos
22nd Aug Sat 9.00am 7 30 Halifax and the Magna Via Allan Photos
1st Sep Tues 5.00pm 4 30 Downham John & Doris Photos
5th Sep Sat 9.00am 8 70 Lune Valley and Whittington in Autumn PROGRAMME CHANGE Jean & Bert Photos
September 2015 Walking holiday in Corfu
A couple of walks in Madeira
John & Doris
Paul & Bev B
3rd Oct Sat 9.00am 8 50 Stocks Reservoir John & Doris Photos
17th Oct Sat 9.00am 8 60 Dunsop Bridge PROGRAMME CHANGE Bert Photos
23rd Oct Fri 7.00pm     Jacob's Join Anne  
31st Oct Sat 9.00am 8 40 Menston Auriol & Pat Photos

P r o g r a m m e   o f   W a l k s
November 2014 - April 2015
Walk locationLeader(s)Telephone
1st Nov Sat 9.00am 6 Local walk from Cowling Bill Photos
15th Nov Sat 9.00am 8 40 Luddenden Foot circular Margaret Photos
21st Nov Fri 7.00pm     Social evening with Jacob's Join supper Anne  
29th Nov Sat 9.00am 8 40 Lindley Wood and Norwood Edge Jean & Bert Photos
13th Dec Sat 9.00am 40 Harewood Allan Photos
27th Dec Sat 9.00am 25 Airton Anne Photos
10th Jan Sat 9.00am 6 10 Winewall circular Marilyn Photos
24th Jan Sat 9.00am 20 Cullingworth Allan Photos
7th Feb Sat 9.00am 15 2Bs and Brogden Hall John & Doris Photos
21st Feb Sat 9.00am 8 40 Towneley and Worsthorne Margaret Photos
7th Mar Sat 9.00am 8 80 Great Coum Paul Photos
7th Mar Sat 9.30am 7 30 Trollers Gill (easier alternative walk) Jean  
21st Mar Sat 9.00am 8 70 Middleham Figure of Eight Pat O Photos
4th Apr Sat 9.00am 7 70 Heywood Allan Photos
10th Apr Fri 7.30pm     Annual Dinner, Dog and Gun Doris  
13th Apr Mon 7.30pm     AGM South Craven Baptist Church Anne  
18th Apr Sat 9.00am 7 15 Sharp Haw and Flasby circular John C Photos

P r o g r a m m e   o f   W a l k s
May 2014 - October 2014
Walk locationLeader(s)Telephone
3rd May Sat 9.00am 8   Addingham / Beamsley Beacon Bill Photos
4-7th May         Walking holiday: Isle of Man Doris & John Photos
13th May Tue 5.30pm 15 Meet at Elm Tree Inn, Embsay at 5.30pm. Walk followed by supper. Jean  
17th May Sat 9.00am 8 60 Lune Valley and Whittington Jean & Bert Photos
31st May Sat 9.00am 8 30 Wander through Wharfedale John Crane Photos
3rd Jun Tue 6.00pm 15 Elslack, meet at the Tempest Arms Doris & John  
14th Jun Sat 9.00am 50 Nidd Gorge and sweet bits Doris & John Photos
28th Jun Sat 9.00am 90 Farleton Fell Pat O Photos
8th Jul Tue 6.00pm 20 Colne, meet at the Morris Dancers Marilyn  
12th Jul Sat 9.00am 8 30 Winterburn Reservoir Auriol & Pat C Photos
26th Jul Sat 9.00am 40 Ripponden Allan F Photos
29th Jul Tues 5.30pm 30 Otley fringes, meet at the Roebuck, Newall Doris & John  
6th Aug Wed 6.00pm 4 30 Kirkby Malham Pat O  
9th Aug Sat 9.00am 8 24 Blacko and White Moor Allan F Photos
23rd Aug Sat 9.00am 6 40 Luddenden and Midgeley Moor Allan F Photos
2nd Sep Tues 5.30pm 4 30 Meet at the Queen's Head, Kettlesing Doris & John  
6th Sep Sat 9.00am 8 60 Brennand Valley Jean & Bert Photos
September 2014 Walking holiday in Lesbos Doris & John Photos
20th Sep Sat 9.00am 7 31 Newchurch-in-Pendle and Spen Valley Allan F Photos
4th Oct Sat 9.00am 8 25 Linton Margaret & Kathy Photos
18th Oct Sat 9.00am 8 60 Clapham; Changing way of life trail Doris & John Photos

P r o g r a m m e   o f   W a l k s
November 2013 - April 2014
Walk locationLeader(s)Telephone
2nd Nov Sat 9.00am 60 Dunsop Bridge, Brennand/Whitendale Jean & Bert Photos
16th Nov Sat 9.00am 8 20 Wycoller Margaret Photos
30th Nov Sat 9.00am 50 Horton circular Pat O Photos
14th Dec Sat 9.00am 0 Local, coffee & mince pies after Anne Photos
28th Dec Sat 9.00am 8 12 Sharp Haw Anne Photos
11th Jan Sat 9.00am 8 20 Askwith circular Jean & Bert Photos
25th Jan Sat 9.00am 8 50 Old Cote Moor Top Paul Photos
8th Feb Sat 9.00am 8 40 Let's go to Rome from Giggleswick Doris & John Photos
22nd Feb Sat 9.00am 8 20 Ilkley/Addingham Moorside Bev B Photos
8th Mar Sat 9.00am 35 Hebden/Grassington Kate Photos
22nd Mar Sat 9.00am 7 50 Knotty Ash & Shutt Nook Doris & John  
5th Apr Sat 9.00am 65 Norden Reservoir & Knowl Moor Allan Photos
11th Apr Fri 7.30pm     Annual Dinner Doris  
14th Apr Mon 7.30pm     AGM Anne  
19th Apr Sat 9.00am 4 Carleton Biggin Shirley Photos

P r o g r a m m e   o f   W a l k s
May 2013 - October 2013
Walk locationLeader(s)Telephone
18th May Sat 9.00am 8 40 Great Rock (3rd time lucky?!) Margaret Photos
1st Jun Sat 9.00am 8 50 Wray, Trinket Lane John & Doris Photos
5th Jun Wed 6.00pm 3 40 Craven Arms, Appletreewick Derek & Pat  
15th Jun Sat 9.00am 8 30 Malham Moor Pat O Photos
29th Jun Sat 9.00am 20 Cracoe from Linton Bev B Photos
10th Jul Wed 6.00pm 3 30 Ben Rhydding, meet at Clevedon Restaurant Doris & John  
13th Jul Sat 9.00am 8 40 Four Reservoirs Jean & Bert Photos
27th Jul Sat 9.00am 8.2 60 Calf Top Paul Photos
30th Jul Tues 6.00pm 20 Meet at Craven Heifer, Kelbrook Doris & John  
10th Aug Sat 9.00am 7 40 Brungerley Bridge Brenda & John Photos
24th Aug Sat 11.30am
full day
60 Bartle Trail, packup & pub meal.
Burning of the Bartle 9pm, West Witton
Doris & John Photos
27th Aug Tues 6.00pm 3 15 Stirton circular - meet at Herriots, Skipton Doris & John  
7th Sep Sat 9.00am 8 40 Downham Anne & Yvonne Photos
11th - 25th September 2013 Walking Holiday in Crete Doris & John Photos
5th Oct Sat 9.00am 4 Kildwick/Bradley Doris & John  
19th Oct Sat 9.00am 35 Shady walks around Read Doris & John Photos
31st Oct Thur 7.00pm     Social evening, pie & peas supper with talk by Derek Callon at South Craven Baptist Church Anne  

P r o g r a m m e   o f   W a l k s
November 2012 - May 2013
Walk locationLeader(s)Telephone
3rd Nov Sat 9.00am 8 20 Beamsley Auriol & Pat Photos
17th Nov Sat 9.00am 8 50 Stanza Stones - "Rain" Margaret Photos
1st Dec Sat 9.00am 30 Malham Moor Hanlith Moor Pat O Photos
15th Dec Sat 9.00am 7 0 Local, coffee & mince pies after at Anne's Anne Photos
29th Dec Sat 9.00am 7 20 Foulridge Reservoirs * programme change Jeff & Christine Photos
12th Jan Sat 9.00am 8 10 Silsden John & Doris Photos
26th Jan Sat 9.00am 8 30 Four Reservoirs Farnhill Moor Bert Photos
9th Feb Sat 9.00am 8 20 Foulridge Marilyn Photos
23rd Feb Sat 9.00am 20 Rombalds Moor Bev B Photos
9th Mar Sat 9.00am 8 25 Gargrave Brenda & John Photos
23rd Mar Sat 9.00am 8 40 Great Rock again - cancelled due to heavy snow Margaret  
6th Apr Sat 9.00am 50 Buckden Pike Paul Photos
12th Apr Fri 7.30pm     Annual Dinner John & Doris  
15th Apr Mon 7.30pm     AGM Anne  
20th Apr Sat 9.00am 8 30 Feizor Anne & Yvonne Photos
4,5,6th May         Weekend in the Yorkshire Wolds Doris & John Photos
15th May Wed 6.00pm 4 20 Meet Anchor Inn, Gargrave, supper after Anne  

P r o g r a m m e   o f   W a l k s
May - October 2012
Walk locationLeader(s)Telephone
19th May Sat 9.00am 8 30 Chellow Dene Anne  
2nd Jun Sat 9.00am 7 70 Entwistle & Wayoh Reservoirs Allan F Photos
7th Jun Thu 6.00pm 20 Meet at the Anchor Inn, Gargrave - eat after Anne  
16th Jun Sat 9.00am 30 Pendle Hill Paul Photos
30th Jun Sat 9.00am 30 John O'Gaunts from Swinsty John & Doris Photos
11th Jul Wed 6.00pm 20 Call for start details, eat after at the Boathouse, Saltaire John & Doris  
14th Jul Sat 8.30am 10½ 60 Linear walk, Dent Station to Ribblehead Pat O Photos
14th Jul Sat 9.00am 35 Long Preston (alternative to Dent walk) John  
28th Jul Sat 9.00am 9 60 Brimham Rocks Pat & Auriol Photos
11th Aug Sat 9.00am 8 30? Linton Loop John & Doris Photos
16th Aug Wed 6.00pm 3 10 Meet at Jean's, Skipton, eat at the Bay Horse Jean
25th Aug Sat 9.00am 8 40 Great Rock, Todmorden Margaret Photos
8th Sep Sat 9.00am 8 60 Aysgarth & Carperby Jean & Bert Photos
12th Sep Thu 6.00pm 20 Meet Addingham, eat after at Frewins Café John  
22nd Sep Sat 9.00am 8 20 Wycoller Shirley Photos
6th Oct Sat 9.00am 20 The Hitching Stone Bill Photos
20th Oct Sat 9.00am 25 Thursden Valley Jeff & Christine Photos

P r o g r a m m e   o f   W a l k s
November 2011 - May 2012
Walk locationLeader(s)Telephone
5th NovSat9.00am60Spoff, Stock & Barrell - SpofforthJohnPhotos
19th NovSat9.00am930Malham - Foss, Tarn and CovePaulPhotos
3rd DecSat9.00am720The Railway Children walkAnnePhotos
17th DecSat9.00am86Cowling (coffee and mince pies after)MarilynPhotos
31st DecSat9.00am76Low and HighJohn & DorisPhotos
14th JanSat9.00am110Three VillagesJean & BertPhotos
28th JanSat9.00am1010Skipton to GargraveBrenda & JohnPhotos
11th FebSat9.00am840RimingtonJohn & DorisPhotos
25th FebSat9.00am730Gorple and Wadsworth MoorJeff & ChristinePhotos
10th MarSat9.00am710Lumb FootAnne & YvonnePhotos
24th MarSat9.00am830Grassington (programme change: Dent linear walk will be on the summer programme)Pat OPhotos
7th AprSat9.00am760Three BridgesJean & BertPhotos
13th AprFri7.30pm  Annual DinnerDoris 
16th AprMon7.30pm  AGM at South Craven Baptist ChurchAnne 
21st AprSat9.00am940Singing, Ringing TreeMargaretPhotos
5,6,7 MayWeekend  Garstang Walking WeekendDoris & JohnPhotos
16th MayWed6.00pm35Meet at Bay Horse, SnaygillAnne 

P r o g r a m m e   o f   W a l k s
June - October 2011
Walk locationLeader(s)Telephone
16th JunThur6.00pm310Meet at Cowling for walk & supperMarilyn
18th JunSat9.00am850Giggleswick ScarPaulPhotos
2nd JulSat9.00am830Hebden GhyllBertPhotos
6th JulWed6.00pm315Meet at The Grouse, Oakworth for walk and mealJohn 
16th JulSat9.00am830GisburnAnne 
30th JulSat9.00am750South Stainley & Burton LeonardJohnPhotos
4th AugThur6.00pm15Meet at The Cavendish, Embsay for walk and mealJohn 
13th AugSat9.00am940Stoodley and GaddingsMargaretPhotos
27th AugSat9.00am820LintonPam 
7th SepWed6.00pm210Meet at Skipton for walk and meal at Bay HorseJean 
10th SepSat9.00am1050Great Shunner Fell & CotterdaleBertPhotos
24th SepSat9.00am750Hubberholme and CrayPat & AuriolPhotos
8th OctSat9.00am860Three Ways Walk from RibbleheadPat OPhotos
22nd OctSat9.00am950Pen-y-ghentBillPhotos

P r o g r a m m e   o f   W a l k s
November 2010 - May 2011
Walk locationLeader(s)Telephone
6th NovSat9.00am860Barbondale & Bull Pot FarmJean & BertPhotos
20th NovSat9.00am650Eller Beck HallDoris & JohnPhotos
18th DecSat9.00am80Local with coffee & mince pies afterAnnePhotos
15th JanSat9.00am1050Pen-y-ghent cancelled due to heavy snow,
replaced with 5.8 mile local walk
29th JanSat9.00am720DraughtonMarilynPhotos
12th FebSat9.00am40Slaidburn/Newton circularPamPhotos
26th FebSat9.00am840Towneley Hall & HurstwoodMargaretPhotos
12th MarSat9.00am840Trollers Gill
26th MarSat9.00am710Hainworth round
Doris & JohnPhotos
9th AprSat9.00am7.440Spread Eagle, Sawley
Auriol & PatPhotos
15th AprFri7.30pm  Annual Dinner, 8pm at the Dog & Gun, SuttonAnne 
18th AprMon7.30pm  AGM South Craven Baptist ChurchAnne 
23rd AprSat9.00am820Black Lane Ends to Salterforth circular
Geoff & ChristinePhotos
7th MaySat9.00am60Horton-in-RibblesdalePatPhotos
18th MayWed6.00pm320Salterforth (meet at Café Cargo)Doris & John
21st MaySat9.00am910Lo, a DaleAnnePhotos
4,5,6 JunWeekend 100Bishop AucklandDoris & JohnPhotos

P r o g r a m m e   o f   W a l k s
May - October 2010
Walk locationLeader(s)Telephone
22nd MaySat9.00am20Cracoe Pinnacle & Rylstone CrossAnnePhotos
26th MayWed6.00pm310Meet at Bay Horse, SkiptonJean 
5th JunSat9.00am40Seven Bridges, BirstwithJean 
19th JunSat9.00am1040Pen-y-ghent Ghyll via Foxup and LittonJean & BertPhotos
24th JunThur6.00pm30Meet at Cross HillsAnne 
3rd JulSat9.00am820Bolton AbbeyShirleyPhotos
17th JulSat9.00am20Denso Marston Nature ReserveAnne & Yvonne 
21st JulWed6.00pm30Meet at Dog & Gun, Malsis, SuttonAnne 
31st JulSat9.00am920Barden MoorPamPhotos
14th AugSat9.00am45Cleatop & AttermirePatPhotos
19th AugThur6.00pm30CANCELLEDJean & Bert 
28th AugSat9.00am840Crow HillMargaret 
11th SepSat9.00am840SabdenAnne & AlanPhotos
25th SepSat9.00am850Great WhernsideJean & BertPhotos
9th OctSat9.00am935Another Crow Hill & Churn Milk JoanMargaretPhotos
23rd OctSat9.00am970Devil's Bridge, Kirkby LonsdalePatPhotos

Rambling Club

Rambling Club

Rambling Club

Rambling Club
  Sutton-in-Craven Rambling Club is an independent club.

Subscription is currently £5.00 per year, reduced from £9.00 in 2012.

All members must obey the Club Rules, copies of which are available from the Secretary.

A selection of maps, walking guides and the Ramblers' Association Bed & Breakfast Guide are available for loan from the Secretary.

Will all new members please ensure that the Secretary has their name, address and telephone number.

Unless stated otherwise, all Saturday walks start at 9am and all evening walks start at 6pm from Sutton-in-Craven County Primary School, Church Road, Sutton-in-Craven.

All mileages are approximate.

If in doubt contact the walk leader.

Please bring sufficient food and drink for two meals.

It is expected that all members will observe the County Code at all times:
  • Guard against all risks of fire
  • Fasten all gates
  • Keep dogs under proper control
  • Keep to paths across farmland
  • Avoid damaging hedges, fences and walls
  • Leave no litter
  • Safeguard water supplies
  • Take care on country roads
  • Respect the life of the countryside

You are welcome to join us on a couple of walks with no obligation to join.

Please note

The Club and its leaders cannot accept any responsibility for personal loss or injury whilst taking part in walks.

All dogs remain the sole responsibility of the owner and must be kept on a lead at all times.

All photographs by Paul Wilkinson unless otherwise stated.